Thursday, November 25, 2010

The main meals of the day

1-Breakfast depends on everyone's personality so that everyone takes  breakfast whenever he/she likes , there's no specific time for  breakfast to be taken.
For breakfast I guess we are smiller to the other culture for what we prefer to eat at morning.For instance, Bread, chease and a a smull piece of meet.

2-In Saudi Arabia"Home" the lunch is taken between between 1 clock to 3.
This is always our main meal for the lunch which is Rice and goat or chicken.

3-The dinner is taken between 9 to 11.
We prefer to eat some B&B and a tradition food .

For Canadian , they might have a different manner to eat their meals.
As what most of you know that we eat useing our hand ,the right hand .However, Canadian and most of the other cultures use fork and knife to do so.

For the other cultures like , when they invite some friends for dinner or lunch,whatever, They go like this :

we Also go like this :

However, some people who are called Pedwan ( People who live in the desert ) go like this :

This is some differences I've seen between my culture and the others.


When I was in Saudi Arabia I was spoiled boy. Everyday I got call from my mother or my father, they ask me to come to home to eat lunch or dinner. When I go home I find every thing ready to eat with out doing anything. Also, I have four sisters they washed my clothing and clean my bedroom. I was lazy boy. when I came to canada I had no idea about how to cook, and I have no idea of doing any basic thing at home. after a while I started to learn how to cook, and now I know how to do everythin at home.

If I stay out of my home late my family always ask about me where are you? you are late. I feel someone care about me. However; in Canada if I go home late or sleep out of my home or if something bad happen to me no body knows. if I have problem no body help me to solve it. I have to do everything by my self. This is good to get experience from the life and to be responsable about everything.



When I was in Saudi Arabia I had no idea about the other people culture. However; when I came to Canada two years ago I started to know about the other people culture. for example, now I know about Chinese, Canadian, and Latino countries. I know what they are eating and what kind of traditional clothing they are wearing. Also, I know about their habit and tradition. this is intersting. everyday in Canada I learn and see new things. From my perspective canada is the best place to live in.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Part Time Student & Full Time Life

Being a mature student at NAIT has its advantages and disadvantages in many aspects. 

Some advantages mature students experience:
  • I don't sweat the small things in life, and the sun will always rise tomorrow, no matter how bad the day is today

  • I know what's really important and what's not important, based on life experience alone

  • I have real responsibilities in life and know if things get hard, you can't just quit, just wait until you have a mortgage and a full time boss that can "Fire" you in a heart beat. That's when reality hits you hard and you have to just suck it up and move forward, because people are counting on you.
Some disadvantages mature students experience:
  • Full time Husband, Dad, and Employee have there moments trying to fit in School and find balance

  • Missing saying good night to my kids, reading them stories and hearing about their day

  • Feeling guilty that my wife is a single mom some days and the stress she goes through in a week
Overall, its all about balance and support on all levels that make the difference. As the saying goes, "Short term pain for long term gain". With a full time career, Husband, Dad of three kids and going to school so I can have more opportunities all boils down the most important thing in life.....

Sacrificing yourself so your family and children can have more opportunities in the future is why I'm in School today so my family has a brighter tomorrow. Its not how much money you have in the bank or how big your house is or the a title you have behind your name. One song writer that inspired me in life was Allan Jackson and the words from a specific song he wrote:

"The greatest contributions, are the ones you leave behind"

 In my opinion that is the most important reason why I do the things I do, to give someone else a better life even after I'm gone. It's never about you, its always about the ones you love....

Friday, November 12, 2010

Different between korea Uni and Canada Uni

korea type

  • hard to enter korea university

  • studenst don't care about GPS

  • many times absend classes

  • during the exam, number of studends cheat...

  • when they have a report, they copy from internet

  • all most studens can get great GPS

canada type

  • easy to get in university

  • spent most of time for studying

  • there are many kind of group presentation

  • also there are individual presentation

  • even one tims absent effect GPS

  • students reallly care about GPS

  • most of student have a part time job and don't get any support from family

  • cheating is going to be zero


Homesickness is one of the most common adjustment problems realtated to culture shock and loneliness.Experienced by students from every country, homesickness is a universal side-affect to being away from home.

Feelings of homesickness may even start before you leave to study abroad in and you may find yourself mildly depressed or anxious several weeks before leaving. The anticipation and preparation for this major change of lifestyle can trigger pre-departure homesickness, or sudden feelings that you don'y want to leave, or even a want to back out of your decision to study abroad.

Some students might experience homesickness within the first few days or weeks of being abroad, while others might not be hit by homesickness until later on, or closer to the holidays. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, family events or even family illness or death can all cause you to feel homesick, or make you wish you were at home. Also, many students report increased feelings of homesickness during the winter months when darkness, rainy weather and the cold can lead to feelings of depression.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

International Education 101

NAIT - Connecting students to the world
Looking back over a decade ago when I first attended my first class at NAIT, I noticed that now there are a significant amount of International Students attending school in Canada. Ten years ago, I would estimate and say that there were only 20% International Students or recent migrants to Canada in my classes. Fast forward ten years later, now my classes consists of 80% International Students or recent migrants to Canada from around the world.

I find it fascinating to speak with these students that have traveled half way around the world in order to attend school in Canada. We have students, both men and woman from Saudi Arabia, Korea, India, China, Somalia, Croatia, and Pakistan, just to name a few. Its pretty cool finding out all the cultures and the way students compare schools from one country to another. One of the students in my class is from India and he mentioned that attending school in Canada is much easier as well as more laid back. He gave me an example that if you don't complete your homework on time, the teacher hits your knuckles in front of the class to teach you a lesson. Another student who is from Saudi Arabia said he went to a school that no girls could attend and he enjoys being amongst woman in his class at NAIT.

I have also learned that each country treats International student's differently as well. In Saudi Arabia, the Government pays for students tuition as well as provides a monthly living allowance that is equal to almost $30,000 a year. On the other side of the spectrum, a student from Korea has to pay 100% of his/her tuition and travel as well as get a job in order to earn a living to put food on the table. Talk about two different worlds, one student is more relaxed and focused with less stress, the other has to worry about bills, put food on the table for his family and still find time to get an education.

Another thing that I found interesting is tuition fees are four times higher for International students compared to Canadian students. An example would be, for one class it will cost about $600.00 with books for Canadians, International students pay about $2400 for the same class that we are both attending side by side. I never knew that the Canadian Government subsidized citizens who are born or legally Canadian citizens.  

Anyway, it has been a first hand lesson about International Education from around the world and is great to see that Canada and NAIT is gaining a reputation around the world as a great school to attend.