Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tuition fee in canada for international people

Before i came to edmonton in canada, i had no idea about tuition fee. As i reserched about tuition fee in korea, it was not expansive than i thought. And i was happy because i finally have an oppertunity to learn English and study at Nait.

Before i went to ESL course, it was so expansive. However i would be dissapoined because i though that only ESL course is expansive. But when i finished ESL and registered Busniess management course and officer told me how much is going to be for these course fee, i was disspatpoined.

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  1. -30c + Wind Chill = Pretty Darn Cold

    I'm guessing the officer forgot to mention that as well.......learn to say the following while you enjoy winters in Canada.....

    "Its pretty cold eh!"