Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Peter the Wise"

Wow, its been a few years since I last walked the halls of NAIT and today I feel like the "Old Guy" who most students think I'm the teacher. In one of my classes I have been called "Hero".........not sure why and have to admit its strange but everyone got a good laugh, including me!

I feel like "Peter The Wise" just because I'm one of the "elders" in most of my classes.........the funny part about all of this is I'm only in my early Thirties.........LOL


  1. Oh~~~~~~peter!!!!! don't think that way!!!!!!
    As i see u, u a not old guy. plz!
    i really want to understand ur thinking, but i can't, as u know. But all i want to say is be confident. For me, i really envy u cuz u haver really great famaly and when u go home, they really welcome to u. for my case, when i go home, everybody sleep already.

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