Thursday, November 25, 2010



When I was in Saudi Arabia I was spoiled boy. Everyday I got call from my mother or my father, they ask me to come to home to eat lunch or dinner. When I go home I find every thing ready to eat with out doing anything. Also, I have four sisters they washed my clothing and clean my bedroom. I was lazy boy. when I came to canada I had no idea about how to cook, and I have no idea of doing any basic thing at home. after a while I started to learn how to cook, and now I know how to do everythin at home.

If I stay out of my home late my family always ask about me where are you? you are late. I feel someone care about me. However; in Canada if I go home late or sleep out of my home or if something bad happen to me no body knows. if I have problem no body help me to solve it. I have to do everything by my self. This is good to get experience from the life and to be responsable about everything.

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