Thursday, November 25, 2010

The main meals of the day

1-Breakfast depends on everyone's personality so that everyone takes  breakfast whenever he/she likes , there's no specific time for  breakfast to be taken.
For breakfast I guess we are smiller to the other culture for what we prefer to eat at morning.For instance, Bread, chease and a a smull piece of meet.

2-In Saudi Arabia"Home" the lunch is taken between between 1 clock to 3.
This is always our main meal for the lunch which is Rice and goat or chicken.

3-The dinner is taken between 9 to 11.
We prefer to eat some B&B and a tradition food .

For Canadian , they might have a different manner to eat their meals.
As what most of you know that we eat useing our hand ,the right hand .However, Canadian and most of the other cultures use fork and knife to do so.

For the other cultures like , when they invite some friends for dinner or lunch,whatever, They go like this :

we Also go like this :

However, some people who are called Pedwan ( People who live in the desert ) go like this :

This is some differences I've seen between my culture and the others.

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